Thursday, October 2, 2008

No News is Good News...They Say

Last week, I was talking to my colleague. I complained about how the project that we are working on are so dull at this point. No more challenging task, no more things to find out, nothing. It just run slow and hills, no valleys.

You know heart beat diagrams? Tell me, what kind of diagram shape signifies that someone is no longer with us in this world? ...... Correct....Straight line without any curve/pulse in it.

Today, I was talking to him again after one week not discussing this. I asked him, so? anything happens? He says: Nothing... Then I said... Aha!!, Exactly my point last week. Then we laughed out loud.

I am a fool, but my God made me His champion so that I can work to glorify His name
on earth. And let me tell you a Secret.... All children of God are His Champions.

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